Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sex and sensibility

Last night while chatting with an ex team member, we happened to talk about my blog. She is one of my very few fans, she is also one of the reasons this blog exists. Anyway, I told her that one month into writing and I am already bored. She suggested some boring things to write about but since I wanted to write something interesting tonight, so here you go.

Sometime ago, I read a post where the blogger applauded a woman he knows for having sex unabashedly with someone other than her husband, just for the fun of it. He had his reasons. It made an interesting read but what caught my attention were the comments posted by the readers. They ranged from 'been there, done that' to 'how could she' to 'how could you applaud such a shameful act'. I wanted to read all of them but somewhere I lost my attention. The post got me thinking though.

Sex is indeed a bad word, you can not use it with family, with siblings, with parents and at times even with friends. If you use it at work, you risk being charged with sexual harassment. If you use it with your lover, you are a pervert. People always want to do it but never want to talk about it. So much for a three letter word!

Being a small town, middle class woman, I have always had my reservations about it. Over the years, I have come to accept many things people do, sex just for the heck of it, being one such thing. I have seen many people at work and otherwise who hook up just for fun. To me however, sex is what animals do, love making is what humans are made for, and to do that, you need to be connected in mind at least, if not in heart. I maybe right, maybe wrong.

Coming back to unabashed sex. What makes us think that this is a new phenomenon I do not know. I have seen cousins making out. I have seen sisters in law seducing their brothers in law and getting all they want and many such so called relatives continue doing it all their lives. The point is that such things always existed, they were just never discussed. I don't know if they still exist, maybe not as much since now people have options outside their homes too. Also, I have not heard anyone talking about them in the last ten years. 

There however is a significant part of the population who would consider sleeping around a sin, most of them are and will be very happy being with their respective partners always. They are also among the people who read this blog diligently. They will dislike my generalisation of jijas and bhabhis and they will admonish my being cool with such low moral standards. Until a few years ago, I would have done the same, not anymore.

It's a pity however that no one has ever confessed any such thing to me. Should someone ever confide in me about his/her 'act", I would surely ask them a few questions. How do they manage to do it without being caught? How does it feel? Do they prepare for it or is it impromptu? And most important where the hell do they do it?

Post script: I am tempted to write a disclaimer saying that I in no way mean to glorify one night stands or adultery and disrespect relations. Also, should the author of the original post be reading it, he should not be offended. But I will let the urge pass.

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