Tuesday, August 6, 2013

another august

Was it the one when all my friends decided to gift me pens and only when I was reduced to tears did the real gifts come out? It could also be the one when we were allowed to go out on our own for Lunch as evenings out was unheard of.

I guess it should be the one, the eve of which, was spent in the train, or the one where a special friend gave me a super cool fragrance, the empty bottle of which was with me till years later.

It can also be the one where my husband, then only a friend, decided to send home a lovely and expensive cake, which made my brother visibly upset. “What’s his business send my sister a cake!!” he would have thought or the one where he sent me flowers to work and gifted me my very first “Hugo Boss”.

It’s a silly habit that I have, of trying to recall my birthdays and to guess which one had been the best.

 August always brings with it a lot of happiness, as a kid, I remember getting excited as the end of July drew closer, after all, I was getting closer to the most special day, 13th August.

As years pass, the excitement seems to fade, though, I still secretly get happy when the fresh new page of August appears on the calendar.

While growing up, birthdays meant new clothes, lots of presents, great food, friends, and so much more, because twenty years ago, you usually got new clothes only on a festival or on your birthday.

Looking forward to mummy making a brand new dress or two, since it's also the Rahki month was so rewarding when the dress was finally ready for fittings.

As for presents, oh!  I can go on & on about them. I made a list of things that I wanted months in advance - an audio cassette, a new pair of shoes, some pen, a fancy hand mirror, a special earring, some shade of a lipstick, some handbag and then assiging them to a friend each - nothing is as fun.

Ditto for food, some year it was a “Chinese party” some year it was “Chole Bhature”, the other popular ones were “chaat” and “burger” parties and of course the cake – all made at home by mummy dearest.

Some years later, when I started to work, the venue moved outdoors, to some new neighbourhood restaurant. Some more years later it moved to fancy star hotels with just my husband and I.

In the last few years, though, the significance of a birthday has considerably fallen. It no longer is a day when I can do what I like or want. It’s no longer a day of pure and uninterrupted happiness. It is not even a holiday. Going out for a meal has become more like a routine and so has the whole exercise of attending phone calls.

I never could guess why my parents’ birthdays or anniversary was never a big deal to them. Sending us to school, getting the meals cooked, going to work, attending a wedding or some such silly thing was always more important that their special day. Maybe now I do, mine is not to me anymore. Guess that’s how the cookie crumbles.


  1. makes me want to go back to all of mine.....the sleepless night before the birthday...the efforts our parents took.love your post even more because i have been such an integral part of most of yours.

    1. love you :) I hope you realise it's not a crib session but just truth.

    2. why would i think that???? i found the post very positive...
      and you should continue to write.

  2. As you grow older, memories of past birthdays seem more pleasurable than the one approaching -- but then, who can stop the needles of the clock. It is nice to know that there is an entire generation growing older along with you, and that makes life one big party.

    Happy birthday in advance, Anubhuti, and drink one for me!

  3. Oh I love getting older and wiser and calmer. Thank you for your wish. Maybe I will drink one only for you, since I otherwise don't.

  4. memories ....... and lots of memories.... what is present will be memories tomorrow,wait for few years u will again going to experience your b'day as special as it was in past ...... earlier your parents made it special , then your daughters going to make you feel special....just few years.......