Saturday, August 31, 2013


Last evening, I received a FB post from some "The Happy Page" and they talk about things that make you happy. My husband feels I am a sucker for drama and my antennae keep looking for grief and problems, I agree with him to some extent.
So for a change, today I thought about things that make me happy and keeping me happy is quite easy as you will see.

All of us should make a list like this and put it up. It will help others make us happy and ourselves too.

1. Waking up early morning, when every one's asleep

2. Filter coffee

3. Baking the perfect muffin

4. Girls away or asleep

5. Travelling

6. Day dreaming

7. Silver Jewellery, lots of it

8. Laughter

9.  Discovering a long forgotten song

10. Pedicure

11. Loooong baths

12. Writing

13. Walking in the rain

14. Reading

15. Love, the more the better

This reminds me, many years ago when I was a regular reader of film magazines, I imagined myself as some film star giving interviews and answering all sort of questions. Today I fulfilled that wish. 

By the way, check out this link

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