Saturday, August 17, 2013


She lay awake tonight, bewildered and confused, alone and lonely. 
Never in the last few weeks had she felt that way. He was always by her side, holding her.
Conversations usually bring people closer, but this one left her feeling cold and distant. It was not the same man who had been holding her so close throughout, who made her feel warm, loved and wanted.
She did not want to disclose it to him though, for, she would be accused of being insecure and childish. After all, there is no space for insecurity in love, is there ? Only if it is love.
Was it really love that made her so stupid, that she harboured thoughts of letting go of everything for one man? A man who will never call her his own. 
Oh ! How she wished, she had Krishna with her, like he was with Draupadi guiding her throughout. But, for now, she will have to be her own Krishna and maybe, she will have to let him go.

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