Wednesday, August 21, 2013


"I love you"
"there's nothing like love, baby"
"really ? then why are we here"
"because I like your being around"


"You look beautiful!"
"thank you!"
"love me, do you?"
"I think so"
"how much"
"a little"


"I waited all day, where were you?"
"I slept off, was tired"
"don't sulk, I love you"
"yeah, I think so"
"how much"


"you din't call"
"have been busy"
"one call?"
"there are so many things to do baby, no time"
"love you"
"how much"
"a lot"


"Can we talk"
"no, she is home"
"and me"
"you are there, forever"
"because I love you"
"how much"
"the most"


  1. So true..isnt it! We (both the guy n the girl) never got the timing right! Progression ir is it regression?! Captured well :)

  2. just the perspective i guess !!