Monday, August 26, 2013


"Why could you not wait for me?"
"I had no reason to, you didn't even look back that evening"

"what do you mean? don't you know? I went away for you, for us?"
"really? and how am I suppose to know, did you ever tell me?"
"I had to tell you?"

"You never called, never wrote, you did not even reply to my letters. What was I suppose to make of it?I waited for weeks, months -- two years. I wrote to you every week, had no number to call you, waited for you to return--call--write."

"and then got married? I could not believe when I heard, I thought it was a joke, I wanted to call you and tell you to stop, wait for me."

"why did you not?"

"what for? you were in love, you were happy, I was the last thing you would have wanted"
"only if you called, once."

 "what's the point, you are married and so am I"

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