Wednesday, August 14, 2013

endless wait ??

She had waited all evening to catch a glimpse of him, and catch she did, just a glimpse.
He looked very handsome in the soft glow of his reading light, just as she was getting close, he had to go.
"I will wait for you", said she.
The sky turned orange.. she sat, waiting.
The sun was now up, she was still waiting right where she had been all night.
He slept, like a baby, oh! how lovable he looked !
In the morning, he went about his chores, his work and she waited -for a look, a smile, a hug but nothing came.
It was now evening, she was still where she was, waiting.
She had promised herself, that neither will she disturb, nor will she complain.
She is going to stick to her promise. But wait she will, forever, if need be.

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